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Single Ingredient Dog Treats: Beef Liver.


Liver is a nutritionally dense food. Adding liver treats to your dogs diet its a great way to add amino acids, fat, minerals and vitamins.


Real dog treats made simply and naturally. We dehydrate our treats at the FDA recommended temperature of 165 degrees. Each bag lasts 1-2 months. 


  • Intended as occasional treat. Always supervise while feeding. 
  • Made in Small Batches. Local from Pennsylvania Farms.
  • No Preservatives. No Fillers. No Additives. No Chemicals.
  • Store in refrigerator for longer shelf life.
  • 5 oz Bags.


***Liver treats are best fed sparingly if liver is a regular part of diet.


Small breeds 2 to 3x a week. 

Medium breeds 3 to 4x a week. 

Large breeds 5 to 6xs a week.


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