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Dog Trainer

Charlie's Canines

Charlie has had a passion for canine training and care his entire life! Charlie began his training experience as a child growing up on a farm in the United Kingdom. His family bred and raised Great Danes and horses for his entire childhood and this experience led Charlie to develop a love of animal care and training.

After moving to the United States and meeting his wife they got their own dog, Cali, an American Staffordshire Terrier, that often gets a bad reputation for being aggressive. With this strike against her at birth in mind, he spent that first-year training her to be extremely socialized and obedient. Taking every opportunity to introduce her to new people, dogs and perfect her off-leash recall so she would never be put in the position as being labeled an “aggressive dog”.

This success combined with the consistent positive feedback on the training of his own dog, his love for training dogs was reignited and he began to slowly build up his business starting with dog walking. Often while walking dogs Charlie would incorporate basic training such as leash walking, sit, stay and focus. After more positive feed from his clients that their dogs came back from walks better behaved Charlie’s love of the work continued to blossom and he decided to finally open his own dog training business.

Charlie has taken many courses in canine handling and animal behavior and shadowed many dog trainers with 20 plus years of experience to perfect his techniques. Charlie is an active member of the International Associate of Canine Professionals and attends regular dog training conferences and courses to stay up to date on the latest training theories and practices.

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